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  • 000

    Auto process data.

  • 2-system knit (double system knit)

    A method of knitting two lines with one carriage course using two carriers.

  • 2nd loop

    Partially unequal loops with the color number of 2nd stitch.

  • 2nd loop difference

    Specify the step difference of the stitch cam when using the 2nd stitch mechanism with the loop length.

  • 2nd stitch

    Knitting with two types of stitch values in one system.

  • 2nd stitch step difference

    Step difference in the stitch cam when using the 2nd stitch mechanism.

  • 999

    Adjustment data.

  • AAMA

    A compatible data format used by overseas apparel CAD manufacturers.

    Mainly used for exchanging data with other CAD manufacturers including overseas.


    Package folder added by user.

  • Adjustment data

    Various data for knitting adjustment (loop length, yarn carrier adjustment, racking adjustment, etc.).

  • ai file

    A standard data format for Adobe Illustrator.

  • Alignment

    A function to adjust the shape of the pattern created by KnitPaint “New.”

  • All needle

    All needles. Used in contrast to half gauge (skipping one needle).

  • All pile down

    All towel piles are on the back side. Related word: All pile up

  • All pile up

    All towel piles are on the front side. Related word: All pile down

  • Alpha map

    One of the texture map images that controls the transparency position. Also called Cutout map. It works like Stencil in Design software.

  • alvanon

    A company that manufactures and sells mannequin bodies. In addition to actual bodies, the company also sells 3D digital data, which can be used in the SDS-ONE APEX series. *In order to load Alvanon digital data, the apf file downloaded from the Alvanon platform ( must be installed in the options settings menu.

  • Always-display mode

    Functions related to display of pattern internal information (notch, cut line, drill, text, etc.).

  • Argyle

    A pattern made by multiple diamonds and diagonal lines.

  • Armhole

    The opening on the body through which the arm passes and to which a sleeve is often fitted.